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Pocket Guide to Magic

Pocket Guide to Magic

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Abracadabra ! Hocus-pocus! Allakazam! Happis crappis! Say it together now—magic! Take a peek inside the magician’s secret wardrobe to discover the tricks of the trade, the tales of derring-do, and the people who made the magic happen. Demystifying the mystical is the popular, raucous, ready-to-trick-his-own-mother Bart King! But what, you may ask, can Bart do? He can show the ways of the most secretive magicians in the world. Paperback 272pgs Games & Activities/Magic Bart King is my new hero. On the surface, his books might look like they’re getting by on being similar to the ubiquitous Dangerous Book for Boys. King’s pocket guides—with illustrations of paper airplanes, Chuck Taylors, and a slingshot on their covers—do cash in on that kind of scrappy retro charm. But these books are something entirely different.


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