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House of Numbers Buddies- A number bond game

House of Numbers Buddies- A number bond game

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Deepen knowledge of addition & subtraction facts with this tactile, number bonds math game set. Journey through the "Land of Number Buddies" with the help of your math tools - 2 sets of number rods, an addition / subtraction grid board, and 50 quests to solve.

In this land, numbers come alive. They live in houses, buddy up together, and visit each other in their homes. Step inside this Land of Numbers and experience how this engaging Montessori number rods math learning toy teaches kids core math concepts - addition, subtraction, regrouping, and parts & wholes.

Master regrouping, number parts & wholes, addition, subtraction, & place value with this exploratory, multi-functional number toy set.



MASTER NUMBER BONDS: This number rods math board game teaches kids core math concepts - addition, subtraction, counting, and parts & wholes. This multi-functional set can be used as a:

  • Number puzzle for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Addition & subtraction math manipulative tool for 1st & 2nd graders
  • Fun math board game for all kids 4 - 8 years old.

IMPROVE ABSTRACT MATH SKILLS: Join Bailey the Bunny to find all the different ways numbers pair up together to make another number. 50 game cards prompt children to explore how numbers up to 20 can be regrouped into different parts and ordered in various ways. The lengths on the wooden number rods increase incrementally for each number, thus providing a visual framework for understanding the relationship between value and length.


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