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Glow Battle: Glow in the Dark Game and Ninja Kids Toys

Glow Battle: Glow in the Dark Game and Ninja Kids Toys

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Ignite your Glowing Katana and prepare for an epic ninja samurai face-off! Compete one-on-one or work together as a team as you run, lunge, swing and dodge to defend your home dojo. It’s fast to set up, easy to learn and fully engaging day or night. For 2-4 players (or 2-8 players with game variations), ages 8+. Includes: – 4 Glow Katanas (and getting hit is100% painless) – 4 Dojo Markers – 10 Bonus Games – All required batteries Uses: – Indoor and outdoor games for kids – Backyard games and kids yard games – While camping, for sleepovers, at the beach – Birthday party games and Halloween kids events – Intuitive design, suitable for self guided and Montessori play – Painless alternative to plastic swords and imitation light sabers – Use as beach toys, ninja toys and other kids toys – Gift idea for kids, Christmas gift for kids – Gift for whole family Light up the night with glow in the dark fun – and unleash your inner ninja warrior!


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